Your posture is an automated reflex. What does that mean? You have learned to both move, and hold, your body in a certain way as a response to the activities that you do. Our bodies are actually designed to move. Sedentary activities, or sitting for long periods of time, are the norm of today. However, it is not our bodies natural state. As a result, many of us develop bad habits and hold positions that result in injury and pain. They have become so automatic that they fall out of our awareness. However, these poor patterns show up in our lives each day. Common examples are back and neck pain, nerve related issues, and even limited results from exercise due to poor execution and form.

It can be easy to dismiss the importance of posture due to us feeling overwhelmed and distracted by surviving our days. However, at some point, the body says enough. This typically manifests as pain and often it proves difficult to determine the cause or how to move forward from it. We often seek medical treatment for situations. However, the most common element overlooked or forgotten is simply correcting for bodily disbalances.

Many people do not know that lack of mobility, poor posturing, and undetected disbalances can yield injury, limited body mechanics, and chronic pain issues. Proper execution of exercise is critical for both safety, as well as for obtaining physical results. This is one of the major reasons why all of Evolv’s are led by a trainer. It is hard to be aware of what you aren’t aware of. Evolv trainers are always monitoring and helping alert people to any of these issues.

However, there are times in which some disbalances are so significant and impeding that one needs to seek out individual support. We offer individualized sessions to assess and identify body disbalances, as well as provide guidance and exercises on how to correct for them. This looks similar to personal training in that a specific routine is developed for you. However, the focus is on creating increased bodily awareness, exercises to strengthen and correct the disbalances, and strategies to create increased mobility and balanced movement within your body. The common benefits reported are lessening or resolution of pain, improvement in fitness performance, strengthening of atrophied muscles, and increased mobility.

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