Welcome. You are likely here, reading this, as you are seeking understanding. It might be due to you feeling so alone, so misunderstood, and so different from other people. Though you ARE different, it is not in the negative way that you might worry about.

Here is what I know about you:

You invest ALL OF YOUR ENERGY into all that you do. You have a pattern of attending to, and prioritizing, other people’s needs over your own. You are highly compassionate and feel the pain and emotions of those around you. You may struggle with differentiating between what is “yours” and “theirs”. You frequently feel drained, lonely, and get overwhelmed by negative news. You may even hide away from everyone and everything in life as it feels like too much at times. There is a heaviness in you and in living at times. You have likely already identified yourself as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), an Intuitive, or as an Empath.

You get OVERWHELMED BY STRONG EMOTIONS. Sometimes it may feel as though they come out of nowhere. You are repeatedly told you are ‘too sensitive’ and maybe are labeled as being too emotionally intense for others. You respond differently to things: You are bothered by things others are not and are disinterested in things others enjoy. You may even feel like you are living on the outside looking in at everyone else.

You struggle with fears of burdening others so you often choose to not share your worries, emotions or needs. It may seem safer as most people don’t seem to understand or take them seriously. You often fee anxious, stressed and disconnected. You crave meaningful connection with others and when you feel brave enough to reach out for that, you may be told you are ‘too needy’. You often feel empty and like is presented for you in your own pain. You feel like your generosity is exploited and it is starting to drain you. You want to stop it but don’t know how.

We both know that you are insightful. You are seeking knowledge and understanding. You can sense that it is time for change.  You have a core level need to be your authentic self and simply want to feel accepted. You feel a pulling towards something or some purpose–though you might not be sure of what that exactly is at this moment. You have a purpose in life and you may feel stressed in identifying it or knowing how to manifest it. You want to create a life of meaning and fulfillment.

You are nervous and apprehensive to hope that I can actually help you, that I may actually understand, because you’ve been so disappointed in the past. I understand. I have helped others in similar situations.

I understand that you feel misunderstood and judged. This may have even happened in past attempts at counseling. This is why I created a therapy approach specific to match your needs and your expanded awareness (those ‘woo woo’ parts of you that you hide). Your sensitivity and intuitive gifts, often misunderstood and mislabeled as being negative, are celebrated and honored in our work. In fact, they are an essential part of you and of your growth.

Our work together can help you to move past negative patterns that you have outgrown, resolve past trauma from whatever timeline of your experience, and to help you feel whole and happy in your being. My goal is to help you to reconnect to your emotional compass, which is your intuition and guide on your path of life. I can help teach you how to surf the emotional waves and utilize your creative energies to manifest the life that you envision for yourself.

Ready to get started? Want to learn more? Feel free to email me at [email protected] or WhatsApp 6122405164. I also invite you to click the link below to message me.