Feeling overwhelmed? Scared? Lost? Does your child frequently explode in emotional outbursts? Does s/he struggle in managing his/her worry and anger, in maintaining focus and/or completing tasks, and behaviorally respond in ways that concern you? You might even worry that something might be wrong with your child as s/he seems to respond to things differently than other kids the same age. You may even question if you have failed as a parent or have somehow caused this pattern at home. You have tried so many things and nothing seems to help. You are feeling stuck and discouraged.

You want peace at home. No more fighting, no more emotional meltdowns. You want to feel connected to your child and to have a more positive and loving relationship. You are fearful that this is not a possibility. It has been so stressful–so many tears cried in hurt, fear and frustration. You may have sought out help only to leave disappointed and feeling more discouraged. You love your child but may not always feel like you like him/her.

I can help. I have worked 20 years with children and families with similar concerns. It is common for children to struggle with managing their emotions and behaviors. Their brains and sensory systems are still integrating and growing. Sometimes, some children may get ‘stuck’ at certain phases of development or learning. This can be disruptive and overwhelming, but there is hope.

From my years of experience, I have learned to adopt a more holistic approach in working with kids. When children dysregulate on a sensory level, they also lose the ability to manage their emotions and behaviors. Thus, it is imperative to assess all brain and body systems and how they are operating. My work focuses on helping to identify the underlying issues contributing to the stressful patterns. In turn, this knowledge is used to support children with potential sensory integration challenges and teach kids the tools and skills necessary to manage their emotional and bodily experiences. In addition, I meet with parents to provide education, support and coaching on strategies to best manage the concerning patterns at home.

No judgment or parent shaming. My mission is simply to resource both you and your child with the necessary tools and resources to help limit the negative patterns and to replace them with loving and positive ones.

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