Evolv believes in educating you so that you can direct and manage your own transformation process.  Thus, we offer high quality coaching services from our professional staff that guide you in seeking life-altering change.   These services are elective in nature but are viewed as    being critical to your success.  Coaching services help the most motivated individuals maximize results, surpass prior barriers, and develop a specific plan of how you can best manage your own health.

Our Coaching Services Include:

Personal Training/Individual Coaching:  Learn the specifics of your body and achieve your ideal self.  This includes specialized workouts and routines for personalized success.  Sessions are tailored to your individual physical needs and goals.  This includes recovery from past       injuries, development of specific skills sets, and whole body change.  Incorporating personal training with attendance of small group classes is ideal as it enables you to obtain significant transformation within a more limited time frame.  Work with our experts to maximize your full potential and to achieve optimal fitness levels.

Small Group Training: (3-6 persons)  Train with friends and/or family with a shared, common goal.  Small groups are an excellent cost-effective and dynamic way to enhance your overall     fitness. Receive more individualized attention from our expert trainers with specific, customized training options.

Rehabilitation/Postural Correction: Evolv provides specialized services designed to help you recover from prior injuries, regain strength and mobility, and improve posture and body mechanics.  This is critical for body repair, to help relieve pain and discomfort by strengthening the body, and generating body balance. This contributes to more effective achievement of goals and improved performance and well-being.

Nutritional Coaching:  Learn how the varying foods, their combination and timing, impact your body, fitness level, and performance.  Food can either enhance or inhibit your            progression.  Identify past barriers, specific plans to overcome them, and develop strategies to balance food intake so you maximize your physical change and achieve results sooner.  Learn to eat according to your necessities. You are unique and our plans are tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Wellness Coaching: Life stressors, work, family, and personal well-being can greatly impact your quality of life.  Evolv honors the mind-body connection and recognizes that how you feel and think impacts both your emotional and physical well-being.  Wellness Coaching is offered by co-owner and USA trained psychotherapist JoAnna Smith Ramos.  Learn to navigate stressors and blocks to growth without sacrificing your vision.  Gain practical tools to enhance your emotional, social, spiritual and physical health.