Metabolic training benefits persons of every age and ability level.   Evolv strives to bring health and vitality to all individuals. Thus, we are able to modify and accommodate most any need or limitation.  We welcome all ages and encourage those with past injuries or physical constraints to        surpass their perceived limitations with our instruction.

Evolv is a premier facility that offers innovative tools such as: Kettlebells, TRX straps, plyo boxes, ropes, BOSU, and our custom calisthenics equipment.    One of the most dynamic and effective tools often overlooked is that of your own body weight which we also incorporate into our classes.   Classes are constructed to meet all levels of fitness and yet, remain challenging to each individual as they advance.

Benefits of Metabolic Training

  • Decreased metabolic age
  • Increased cardiovascular and physical endurance
  • Loss of weight
  • Better metabolism and use of food consumption
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Enhance muscle growth
  • Increase in strength and power
  • Muscle tone and definition

Metabolic training incorporates dynamic movement with resistance training. It includes little rest and consequently, yields high caloric burn during and after the class. It is perfect for people desiring fast and significant results and progression. It is a high intensity class and many of our clients have reported significant changes after attendance of only 4-5 classes.

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